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Cyclone information from Emergency Management DPIR

cyclone message.pngCyclone season is here 

The season runs from the 1 November – 30 April each year and although the Bureau of Meteorology is predicting a later than average this seasonpreparation activities are vital.

Visit SecureNT ​to read about pet emergency pack inclusions, what to do if you’re staying home with your pets, going to shelters, managing horses and livestock and more. There’s also information on what to do if you must leave pets behind.

Who provides updates during a cyclone event?

During a cyclone event monitor ABC Radio (105.7), visit SecureNT and the Bureau of Meteorology website.


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Warning – Never rehome an animal to this piece of scum – Keerthi Eswaran



NT NEws – 4 January 2018 – by Craig Dunlop.

ROGUE taxidermist Keerthi Raja Eswaran will plead guilty to a string of wildlife dealing and weapons charges.

The self-described “animal lover” appeared in Darwin Local Court yesterday where lawyer Peter Maley said Eswaran “intends to plead guilty across all of the files.”

Judge Elizabeth Armitage declined to take Eswaran’s guilty pleas yesterday after Commonwealth Prosecutor Emily Baxter said she would likely lay further charges.

Ms Baxter said the Commonwealth DPP might not agree for the charges to be heard in the Local Court.

Mr Maley said Eswaran plans to move to Queensland after the charges were dealt with.

Eswaranm 34, first shot to notoriety when he was dubbed the ‘pussy stuffer’ over allegations he was taxidermising domestic cats.

Eswaran was charged after NT Parks and Wildlife officials, who have police-like powers to investigate wildlife offences, found a postal package bound for the US with animal remnants. A raid on a house in Driver uncovered body parts from a range of animals including ocelots, kangaroos, chipmunks, crocodiles, wombats, bearded dragons, reptiles, wedge-tailed eagles, goats, ducks and chickens.

Mr Maley said Eswaran would plead guilty to further charges.

“We don’t seek the entire prosecution brief; if there’s further charges they can simply be served,” he said.

Mr Eswaran had previously been tailed by a private investigator, hired by a Darin animal lover who suspected him of abducting and stuffing two adorable domestic cats, Freckles and Ginger Noodles.

Eswaran will return to court on January 8.

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Warning – Cats and Collars

cat cruelty collar.jpg

Warning: collars can be great identifiers and you can put bells, tags on them etc but if your cat wears a collar please make sure it has the correct tension – just 2 fingers to fit snugly between the collar and the neck. Too loose and the cat can get the collar caught under his front leg. If the cat can’t get the collar off, then the collar will rub under his armpit eventually into the bone. Infection will set in and the cat will die. (This one was caught in time)

If too tight clearly the cat can choke.

Make sure any collar used on cats has a quick release clip and an elasticated section.

The collar needs to be checked monthly for stretch and condition.

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Warning – Pedigree cats missing

There appears to be a lot of pedigree cats which are missing (especially in Durack).

In the last few months there have been 14 since the end of May 2017, mainly oriental/ragdoll type of cats.

If you have, or know of anybody who has, a pedigree looking cat, we advise to keep them inside all the time. The streets are a dangerous place for cats and cats are not good at sticking to boundaries. We advise, at a minimum, keeping cats inside at night time

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Warning – Cat owners – Zuccoli

There seem to be a lot of cats missing in Zuccoli

If you, or a friend, has a cat, and you live in this area please keep your cat inside.

There are a lot of people who hate cats in our community, and at TELAF, we notice there are often suburbs where it is very noticable the numbers of missing cats. Zuccoli is the latest.

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Warning – Missing Cats in Marrara

If you know anybody with cats in Marrara area please let them know to be specially careful with their cats (preferably keep them inside).

There have been 4 missing in this area in the last 4 weeks which is a little unusual for Marrara.

thank you – TELAF Team

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Storms, Cyclones, hazards of the Top End

scared-dog-and-cat-draStorm season again. Just a reminder to give pets special protection in the lead up to the wet and cyclone season. Below are some tips for pets in cyclones.

In the event of a cyclone please keep your pets safe inside.

If you have to leave your accommodation and go to a shelter and can’t take your pets with you it’s advised you leave pets with food and water but never leave them tied up. Preferably stay with them as they will probably be frightened.

If your animals really stress out try to block out noise (mattress at windows etc) and remain calm yourself. Pets pick up very quickly on their human’s stress, exacerbating their own.

There is quite a lot of info on pets and cyclone. Please check these out at:

Oh and don’t forget to photograph your pet. It’s too late once they are lost 

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I have just found this on the Animal Rescue Site, thought I’d pass it on. I don’t know any details but you can visit for more information

Protect Your Pets From These Common Foods Containing Xylitol

You may not know it, but some foods in your sugar-free diet or smoking cessation plan can seriously sicken your pets in less than 30 minutes, reports Petful. Foods containing the natural sweetener xylitol can cause vomiting, seizures and other life-threatening conditions in your dog, and possibly in your cat. Sold in packets as a sugar substitute and used to make products such as Nicorette gum, Flintstones vitamins, Orbit gum, mouthwashes and toothpastes, xylitol can poison your dog, causing his blood sugar level to drop.Like chocolate, xylitol is another example of a food that most people can eat with no problem, but that causes severe harm in dogs. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration warned pet owners in 2011 about the causes and symptoms of xylitol poisoning,

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Found – Kitten – Buffalo Creek road

If you see animals being abandoned or dumped call animal welfare
1300 720 386 

and get the rego number of the vehicle. 

Found kitten, estimated 6 weeks old, Buffalo Ck kitten small near Buffalo Creek  24/6/16 but think he/she has been down there for a few days longer than this. Found sitting dehydrated and emaciated by the side of the road. Now safe and fed/watered.

We think this little kitten may well have been dumped – it is illegal to abandon a pet. I know we will probably never find the person who did this and its highly unlikely the sort of person who would commit an offence of this nature would be using pages like TELAF but please be on the look out and if you see animals being abandoned or dumped call animal welfare and get the rego number of the vehicle.

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Warning – Cat owners in Muirhead

We have previously had spates of cats going missing in Muirhead/Lyons.

Please keep a really good eye on your cat if you live in this area, it appears it might be starting again.

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Cats going missing in Durack

Cats going missing

Apparently a lot of cats are missing in St Andrews Gardens Kooyonga Parade. If you are anywhere near this area and have a cat or know of somebody who does please be advised to keep your cat inside.

There are some extremely cruel people out in our community who will kill cats simply because they hate cats.

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Warnings – Cat/Small Dog owners

Warning to all residents in and around Umbrawarra Close Gunn

Resident in Street still has after four weeks Laregest retaily available Rat traps set in his front unfenced garden for the sole purpose of scaring catching, maiming, cats. Theses traps could also inadvertently capture or maim small dogs, native wildlife or unsuspecting children. Neighbours and people surrounding have been warned. Coincidentally cat Baiting has also occurred by person or persons unknown in the same street at the around the same time the traps were brought to public attention. Our Cat was Baited and became very ill however luckily survived. Police have opened a file on the incidents and are monitoring any further developments.

Posted from a Comment made on Face Book 10/5/15

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cat shot with arrow nightcliff 1cat shot with arrow nightcliff 3Warning – Cat Owners Nightcliff

Somebody in Nightcliff is shooting cats with a cross bow. Sorry for the horrific photos but his is a horrific act.

If you, or anybody you know, knows of who might be doing this please contact the police and let us know as well. E mail to Not only is this a prosecutable offence but these cats will be dying a long and agonizing death. This one is clearly still alive  and is getting urgent vet attention. It is completely beyond belief how anybody can act in such a heinous manner.

Please keep your cats inside and warn friends to do the same.

We will post more details as they come to light

Update – This cat is a male, very friendly but possibly lost and homeless at the time of the shooting. He is being treated at the Ark Animals Hospital. He was found by a lovely lady who lives in a set of units on Progress Drive near the roundabout which is at the juncture of Progress Dr and Nightcliff Rd.
It is thanks to the lady who found him and Top End Rehoming Group that he has been found and is at the vets now.
Unfortunately his vet fees will be high and Top End Rehoming Group will be footing the bill so if anybody would like to assist with the vet bill you can either donate to Top End Rehoming Group via their pay pal account – just type their e mail address into the pay pal section or you could donate directly to The Ark Animal Hospital by ringing them and making d donation over the phone (or dropping in of course)

FINAL UPDATE Sadly the injuries sustained by this poor baby were too severe and he has been euthanised. RIP lovely boy

The Ark have decided to waiver the fee for this little cat last night so no need for donations.. We raised $40 last night for the little guy and that will go towards another rescue in need.

Many thanks to those who donated and who expressed disgust at this crime.

cat shot with arrow nightcliff 2

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