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Wanted – Female Galah

I am looking to see if you by any chance have a female Galah who needs a new home.
I have three Galahs at the moment, two of which have only recently developed into a couple, leaving George semi lonely as he is a people Galah, not shy in the least to go for whom/what he wants.
George himself is a foundling whom I have had for nearly four years and he is approx 4-5 yrs old.
Lucky (M) and Squeachy-Poo (F) are the other two, who had a trial run with at nesting and laying three eggs; waiting to see what happens next year.
So, if you have by chance a female Galah who has not been claimed, I wouldn’t mind adopting her, with George’s approval of course.
If you don’t have any at the moment but know of someone who wants to give one away, please let me know, too.

Thank you for your help,

Jutta 0414 601 382.


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