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Sighted – Dog – White Silkie Terrier – Stuart Park

Have followed from Goyder road into town at Daly st bridge where he ran down to Bridge Auto’s Toyota area.. Very scared and skittish.. Many attempts to grab but not allowing anyone to approach.


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Sighted – Dog – Anula

Lost dog wandering around  Anula shops play ground area ph 0408 452 789

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Sighted – Cat – Lyons

Does this cat belong to anybody? Found wandering around Danimila St in Lyons for a number of weeks at night time. Near Tracey  village. Not sure if she is lost/stray/abandoned or just out for the evening. She appeared very hungry (ate all the biscuits I put out) and does look thin. She is definitely not feral but too timid to catch.

Please contact or leave a comment on our FB site if you know where she lives or if she is yours. Thankyou. We will try to trap if nobody claims her as theirs.

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Sighted – Dog – Blue Heeler (Casuarina Costal Reserve)

At approx. 7pm today (Sun 3 June) I sighted a small, stocky blue heeler (sex unknown) roaming free in Casuarina Coastal Reserve (behind the houses on Makryllos Circuit, Brinkin). No owner in sight. Dog had slight limp (one of its back legs affected), but otherwise seemed to be in good condition. No collar. Emerged from long grass & disappeared into long grass. Wouldn’t follow me & I had nothing on me to use as a leash. Wouldn’t come when called, but didn’t seem especially timid either.
Hope this helps if someone’s lost a dog matching this description.

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Sighted – Dogs x2 – Palmerston Golf Course

It is probably not going to be much help now, but I saw two dogs running free at Palmerston golf course this morning when I was walking my dog. Around 7.30am, one was a tan staffy and the other was a big dog that was white with dark grey patches. They were very friendly as they let me check their collars. Unfortunately no tags.

Hope someone knows who they are, last seen near the actual club house

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Sighted – Dogs x 2 – Nightcliff Pool

At Nightcliff pool, very scared, Friday morning. Red heeler is female, darker coloured dog male. Both look like pups. No collars.

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Sighted – Dog – Large black with white – Malak

There’s a skinny-looking large black dog with a white chest running around the Malak park behind Marchant Court, to let you know in case anyone‘s lost a dog

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Sighted – Parrot (again) – Waterfront

There is a semi-tame blue ringer k hanging around the Waterfront Wavepool. He’s in the palm trees within the wavepool area.

Tried to get him to come down but he was too timid.

Maybe somebody who lives down there could just feed him. He looks in good condition and quite happy.- Sideon

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Sighted – Dog – Terrier – Howard Springs

Hi, we just saw this little fellow on Masden Rd, Howard Springs. He had no collar and we couldn’t get too close. 
(Message received 9.25 am Sat 5 May)

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Sighted – Cat – injured – Casuarina area

rollie faceURGENT A cat who looks like this one has been sighted in the Casuarina area (The square and Wanguri). Please ring 0458 575 906 if you have seen or caught this cat. He has his collar wrapped under his front leg. The collar is tight and he can’t remove for himself. If left, the collar will eventually eat into the flesh to the bone and he will die from septicemia.

He is not feral but is very timid and I could not  catch the other night.

He is very thin and I think male. His eyes are pale, almost colourless. He has a fluffy tail but the rest of his body fur is shorter from poor condition.

Any help appreciated – thankyou

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Sighted – cat – black – Moulden

Sighted 12/3/18- Lost Black cat no collar stuck up tree in Melastoma Drive Moulden.

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