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RIP – Kitten – Malak

rip kitten crop.jpgYoung kitten (approx 5-6 weeks old) hit by a car in Malak. If this is your lovely girl please contact I have the whole picture for the owner to identify  but have just cropped it for the time being


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RIP – Cat – Farrar Boulevarde

I’ve been seeing alot of posts about missing cats on the page, and walking this morning with my kids and dog I found a cat carcass, very old. 

We often walk past there so I don’t think it’s been there the whole time,  perhaps the street sweeper moved it onto the grass.

I couldn’t see a collar but with my dog it was hard to look properly… It’s on Farrar Blvd, picture of location is attached.

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RIP – female Jack Russell – McMillans Rd

Unfortunately we have had a deceased Jack Russell, black/white, female brought into Darwin My Vet Service in Wulagi this evening (02/10)
No microchip or collar.
Found on McMillans Rd, opposite Farrar Rd
Please contact Darwin My Vet Service on 89273657.

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RIP – Kitten – Coconut Grove (Parap Vets)

Deceased kitten found at the intersection of Mcmillans road and Bagot road.
The kitten is a domestic medium hair, approx 12-16 weeks of age, not micro- chipped, entire male.
White, grey and black tabby in colour. Was not wearing a collar or tags.
If you think this kitten may be yours or if you have any information, please contact the Parap Veterinary Hospital during business hours on 8981 9767

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RIP – Cat – Burmese type – Vanderlin Drive

Burmese looking small cat deceased on Vanderlin Drive not far from the turnoff to the dump.
RIP kitty

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RIP – Cat – Bellamack

We are house sitting and found this deceased little one this morning. I have taken a picture for the markings so someone isn’t worrying and can have some closure. (the person who found this little one has very discreetly just taken a photo of the parts of him/her which are not damaged).


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RIP – Cat – Black & White – Brinkin

Just an update on this cat – had further look at body. It is actually tri-coloured, looked like white bits were dirty but is actually its colour. Is also a female cat.

We had someone bring in a cat this morning (19 June 2017) – It was dead on arrival – it had no microchip or collar on.

It is a fluffy medium hair black and white cat found on Brinkin Terrace.

Contact All Pets Vets 8948 0056

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RIP – Dog – Bellamack

There is what looks to be a deceased dog on the moulden side of elrundie avenue, near the bellamack/chung wah turn off. It was laid on its side on the grass so i couldnt tell whether male or female. Looked to have a darkish collar on and was a tanned colour. Staffy/pitbull looking breed.

Its been on my mind all morning, i wish i had stopped to check if it was okay or not. I saw a  gentleman called martin posted on the facebook page about a missing dog, but i didnt want to comment on the post directly.
Sorry I cant be more help.

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RIP – cat – back & white male (McMillians Rd)

Male cat, not neutered.

White with black markings – black tail, markings on face and down left side of body.
Not microchipped, and no collar.
Found on McMillans Road outbound, just south of Ryland Road…
Unfortunately passed away on arrival
Please phone Parap Veterinary Hospital if you have any information in regards to the owner of this cat.

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