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RIP – Dog – Blue Heeler – Palmerston

I’ve just come across a deceased blue heeler with pink collar? I’m assuming female although could not bring myself to look on temple terrace Palmerston Nt opposite bus shelter

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RIP – Dog – Staffy – Brown – Strauss Airstrip (‘Nana’)

4 April: Nana was found on the side of the road after being hit by a car. The injuries were fatal, and death appears to have been instant.

I have lost my dog Nana, a medium sized desexed female brown staffy. 
She was going for her run with my older dog at Strauss airstrip at 7pm, 3rd April.
Nana may have been picked up on the other side of the highway.
Wearing a blue & yellow collar with her name & my number.

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RIP – Cat – White – Wulagi

Deceased large white cat found on Curlew Circuit in Wulagi, near the corner of Jabiru Street 20/02/17. Pretty sure it was a male.

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RIP – Cat – Grey Tabby – Bakewell

Deceased Large Male, Desexed Grey Tabby Cat. Was found in Hutchison Tce, Bakewell.

Picked up early this morning (14 Feb) and brought to Ark for a microchip check- none found.

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RIP – Cat – Black – Rapid Creek

Walking today (30 Jan ’17) I saw a deceased black adult cat. Resting on the verge of 99 Rapid Creek Rd, Rapid Creek. No collar, looked in good condition weight and coat wise. Unable to stop and investigate but reporting as it may be someone’s pet.

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RIP – Cat – White – Karama

Today a white DMH entire male cat found Moray Street ,Karama. Dead on arrival. Likely hit by car. No microchip.

Body at All Pets.

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RIP – Dog – White & Brindle – Moulden

Mixed breed dog, white with brindle patches, male, young about 6months, entire. No microchip found.

Was found on Birkett Court in Moulden, was brought into the Ark Animal Hospital with severe health issues, unfortunately didn’t make it through the night.

Please contact the Ark Animal Hospital on 8932 9738 

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RIP – Dog – Bellamack/Rosebery

Hi guys, have just seen a deceased entire male dog in the bush (visible from the pavement) opposite the junction Owston Ave and Chung Wah Terrace Rosebery/Bellamack. It is a smallish brown dog, possible a Staffy? and it looks like it has been there a few hours

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RIP/Sighted – Dog – White w/black spots – Stuart Highway

Hi, about 20 minutes ago (approx 7:20pm 11/1/2017) I drove passed a deceased dog on the Stuart highway just before noonamah heading outbound from darwin. It was medium build, white, black spots on belly and black ears… May have been hit by a car or fallen of a ute? I think it was female.

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Warning – Cat owners in Ludmilla

I live on May street in Ludmilla and 2 of my neighbours have both had their cats run over and killed 1 day apart from each other but neither case seems like an accident as both cats suffered horrific injuries which makes me think that there’s possibly some piece of shit driving around targeting cats. I could be wrong but it seems a bit odd that both cats were killed in a horrific way.

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R.I.P. – Cat – Ginger – Ludmilla

Found a deceased young ginger cat in our front yard in Ludmilla, near Hudson Fish Ave.

Probably hit by a car and left to die. Didn’t have a collar on. We took a picture but it’s too horrific to post.

People can email if they want to check if it’s their cat.

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RIP – Cat – Ginger – Bishop Street

Sadly seen deceased ginger tabby cat on Bishop Street opposite Jolly Street. 27 December.

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RIP – Dog – Brown/black (Humpty Doo)

Deceased dog found on Strangways Rd, Humpty Doo.
Male. Looks a bit like a staffy, but large for one – hard to tell due to the condition of the body. Predominantly dark brown or black fur, with white chest and throat, as well as some white on toes. Only one side was visible. No collar.
Located to the east of the junction with Hayball, at the edge of the industrial area. On the north side of the road – a couple of metres from the road.
Apologies for delivering such news in this way, but I didn’t feel there was any other option…
For more information, I can be contacted via

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Information on deceased animals

rip2TELAF has now had absolute confirmation that at least in some parts of the Top End animals which are collected as dead on the road are NOT scanned for a microchip. They are taken directly to the tip and disposed of.
This is highly likey to happen across the NT but we do not have absolute confirmation on this.
HOWEVER – if the animal has a collar with a phone number the owner is more likely to be contacted.
If this is of concern to you please contact your local council to get the policy changed.

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RIP – Dog – Catahoula – Howard Springs

Seeking the owner of ‘Luna’ an adult female Catahoula.

Luna was brought into the Ark Animal Hospital late last night as a stray, suspected to be hit by car, but unfortunately she did not make the night. She is microchipped to a Mr. Kerslake, in the Bees Creek area, but was picked up in Howard springs. Both numbers listed on the microchip are disconnected so we are unable to make contact.

If you know this gentleman or how to get in contact with him, or if you are looking for Luna, please contact the staff at the Ark Animal Hospital on: 89329738

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