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Information – Sick/Injured Wildlife

batFor sick, injured or orphaned wildlife, contact:

Wildcare NT: 0408 885 341

Darwin Wildlife Sanctuary: 0473 992 581

If it is safe to do so (and the person knowns what the animal is), injured, sick or orphaned wildlife can be collected and taken to any vet (with the exception of Darwin Veterinary hospital on Vanderlin Drive) and the animal will be treated and passed along to a carer free of charge. If someone wishes to care for protected wildlife (all native animals are protected) they will need to obtain a permit.possums.jpg

This information is available at

For snakes, contact 1800 453 210. This is a 24/7 number however note that our snake catchers can generally ID an animal from a photograph and if the snake is not visible to the caller, the snake catchers will not attend to search for the animal. I have attached the brochure that includes all relevant information for people.

If people wish to have any form of bird, reptile, amphibian, mammal (dogs, cats and some other animals are excluded) as a pet they may need a permit. Information on permits is available at

If anyone is aware of or witnesses someone taking wildlife from the wild, including killing wildlife, or witnesses something they are unsure about they can talk to a Wildlife Ranger on 0401 115 702. This is  a 24/7 number.

General enquires can be submitted to and someone will get in touch.


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Lost – Dogs and Cats – Pound notices

There are lots of found dogs at the various pounds. We will not regularly share them as there are so many and we do not wish to replicate services. You can see them on line at the councils web sites, the links to which can be found on the right hand side of our main page.  Councils listed at the top of the links under ‘Councils’.

PLEASE NOTE DARWIN COUNCIL DOES NOT APPEAR TO HAVE AN UP TO DATE WEB SITE. For the Darwin region you will need to go into the pound to see if your cat or dog has been collected by the rangers.

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Storms – microchip, microchip, microchip

pet tagWe are now well into the storm season and seeing the usual increase in lost/found dogs.

Please make sure your animals are microchipped and the details are up to date with your correct mobile phone numbers etc. We hear of many animals who are microchipped but ownership has never been transferred from the original owner/shelter so the microchip is basically useless.

If you are unsure what to do go to If you still get stuck visit your vet for assistance and a chip scan.

If your animal wears a collar make sure you have your mobile phone number engraved on a tag – make it large clear letters (its very difficult to read the numbers in the dark with the dog wriggling all over the place – especially if you wear glasses!!!)

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Never rehome an animal to this man

We are alerting all our readers to this man. Not only has he been caught for Australia’s biggest wildlife seizure but he also poses as an animal lover and takes on cats and dogs and goodness knows what other animals who are advertised as needing new homes.
A petition to appeal his paltry sentence is at bottom.

In a move that has outraged animal lovers and welfare advocates from the NT and around Australia, the so-called “Pussy Stuffer” taxidermist Keerthi Eswaran yesterday was sentenced in a Darwin court and he will not be jailed!

Instead, Eswaran handed a 10 month suspended sentence. Wildlife investigators describe the sentence as “disappointing” and are considering the possibility of an appeal. Judge Dick Wallace had previously said he doubted Eswaran’s story that the majority of the animals found were already dead. So how on earth did this animal murderer get off so lightly?

The reality is the criminal justice system of Australia is weak – time and time again animal offenders are let off with lenient sentences. Animal welfare advocates must act to have these laws changed and suitable punishments enforced for those who inflict cruelty on animals.

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Info – Cat – does your cat pee too frequently?

Does your cat squat to wee a lot and not much comes out? It may be that he/she has a urinary tract infection. If so she/her needs to get to a vet. Left untreated this can cause death as the urine is unable to escape,  will build up and affect kidneys – can you imagine not being able to pee despite having an overfull bladder?  – very painful 😦

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Holiday preparations for your pet/s

dog mobile.jpgChristmas is coming up and there will be the annual exodus from Darwin and surrounds.

Please ensure your pet(s) is well catered for if you are leaving on holidays. Unless he can use a mobile phone make sure the microchip is in and registered.

If you are leaving your pet at home with a paid or unpaid pet sitter please ensure they have a very good photo of your pet and are given clear instruction on what to do if he/she goes missing, ie post on all social media but also follow some other simple steps outlined in:

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Storms, Cyclones, hazards of the Top End

scared-dog-and-cat-draStorm season again. Just a reminder to give pets special protection in the lead up to the wet and cyclone season. Below are some tips for pets in cyclones.

In the event of a cyclone please keep your pets safe inside.

If you have to leave your accommodation and go to a shelter and can’t take your pets with you it’s advised you leave pets with food and water but never leave them tied up. Preferably stay with them as they will probably be frightened.

If your animals really stress out try to block out noise (mattress at windows etc) and remain calm yourself. Pets pick up very quickly on their human’s stress, exacerbating their own.

There is quite a lot of info on pets and cyclone. Please check these out at:

Oh and don’t forget to photograph your pet. It’s too late once they are lost 

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Please check the Darwin City Pound for lost pets!

Please, if you have lost your cat – or dog – check this link to view animals currently in the Pound. Many of these animals will be euthanised if not claimed. There are loads of cats here at the moment.

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I have just found this on the Animal Rescue Site, thought I’d pass it on. I don’t know any details but you can visit for more information

Protect Your Pets From These Common Foods Containing Xylitol

You may not know it, but some foods in your sugar-free diet or smoking cessation plan can seriously sicken your pets in less than 30 minutes, reports Petful. Foods containing the natural sweetener xylitol can cause vomiting, seizures and other life-threatening conditions in your dog, and possibly in your cat. Sold in packets as a sugar substitute and used to make products such as Nicorette gum, Flintstones vitamins, Orbit gum, mouthwashes and toothpastes, xylitol can poison your dog, causing his blood sugar level to drop.Like chocolate, xylitol is another example of a food that most people can eat with no problem, but that causes severe harm in dogs. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration warned pet owners in 2011 about the causes and symptoms of xylitol poisoning,

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Found – Kitten – Buffalo Creek road

If you see animals being abandoned or dumped call animal welfare
1300 720 386 

and get the rego number of the vehicle. 

Found kitten, estimated 6 weeks old, Buffalo Ck kitten small near Buffalo Creek  24/6/16 but think he/she has been down there for a few days longer than this. Found sitting dehydrated and emaciated by the side of the road. Now safe and fed/watered.

We think this little kitten may well have been dumped – it is illegal to abandon a pet. I know we will probably never find the person who did this and its highly unlikely the sort of person who would commit an offence of this nature would be using pages like TELAF but please be on the look out and if you see animals being abandoned or dumped call animal welfare and get the rego number of the vehicle.

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Information – prevention is better than cure

Petrek_GPS_Pet_Tracker_large.jpgI have just received this in the e mail from The Central Animal Records. Know nothing about it but thought I’d pass it on for those with houdini dogs who might be interested in preventative measures – hey wouldn’t it be great if there was no need for TELAF 😉

Petrek GPS Pet Tracker
Know exactly where your pet is at any time with this fantastic new product!
Fantastic easy to use mobile phone App.
Set a virtual fence around your property and receive phone alerts as soon as your pet gets out!
See satellite or street views on your phone to locate your pet. Fits almost any collar. Great battery life.

go to for more info


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Information – Lost dogs/cats

Please consider the next time you go to the vet to get your pets microchip scanned. Make sure its still working and make sure it is registered. There are so many animals who have microchips that are not registered on the main data base so even though you think you are safe and will get your fur baby back if missing if he isnt registered he might just as well not be microchipped.

Also if you change any of your contact details, make sure the registry has your new details. This is another reason why people don’t get reunited with their chipped animal.

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Warning – Cat owners in Muirhead

We have previously had spates of cats going missing in Muirhead/Lyons.

Please keep a really good eye on your cat if you live in this area, it appears it might be starting again.

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Top End Cat Aware – Facebook group

Tedwood TECATELAF has created a cat aware Face Book group (TECA – Top End Cat Aware) for the cat lovers amongst us. Cats are notoriously difficult to reunite as they are such silent creatures, they don’t run along roads and make themselves visible as do most dogs. They hide when distressed and hence the reunite rate with cats is very low.

This group is broader than just lost and founds although of course will cover this too. It aims to highlight welfare issues, trouble spots and provide some information/education for our local community on cats in general. Rehoming groups are welcome to advertise for homes or foster homes needed.

if you are interested and have a love of cats please join TECA at

We look forward to meeting you there  🙂

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How to use the TELAF site

If you are searching through the site for lost and found animals please use the search capabilities of WordPress.

  • On the right hand side there are links (blue) under ‘categories’. So if you have lost a dog click on the ‘found dogs’ link
  • if you have found a ginger cat and are searching for somebody who has lost a ginger cat you can type ‘lost ginger cat’ in the search box on the right hand side and then click on the box ‘search’. It will bring up all the ginger found cats on our site and is a lot quicker than plodding through all the posts as there are over 3,000 of them at this point.

We do try to keep this site updated as far as possible but can only go on the information which is given to us so if you have posted an animal here before and have found that animal (or the found animal’s home) please let us know so we can delete.

If you have not found your lost animal and would like to repost please let us know and we can bump the post up to the top again.

If you are providing an update please give us some info on the animal or location or we wont know what we are searching for – a name is great if you have provided the name in the first place.

Many thanks

your TELAF team

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cat shot with arrow nightcliff 1cat shot with arrow nightcliff 3Warning – Cat Owners Nightcliff

Somebody in Nightcliff is shooting cats with a cross bow. Sorry for the horrific photos but his is a horrific act.

If you, or anybody you know, knows of who might be doing this please contact the police and let us know as well. E mail to Not only is this a prosecutable offence but these cats will be dying a long and agonizing death. This one is clearly still alive  and is getting urgent vet attention. It is completely beyond belief how anybody can act in such a heinous manner.

Please keep your cats inside and warn friends to do the same.

We will post more details as they come to light

Update – This cat is a male, very friendly but possibly lost and homeless at the time of the shooting. He is being treated at the Ark Animals Hospital. He was found by a lovely lady who lives in a set of units on Progress Drive near the roundabout which is at the juncture of Progress Dr and Nightcliff Rd.
It is thanks to the lady who found him and Top End Rehoming Group that he has been found and is at the vets now.
Unfortunately his vet fees will be high and Top End Rehoming Group will be footing the bill so if anybody would like to assist with the vet bill you can either donate to Top End Rehoming Group via their pay pal account – just type their e mail address into the pay pal section or you could donate directly to The Ark Animal Hospital by ringing them and making d donation over the phone (or dropping in of course)

FINAL UPDATE Sadly the injuries sustained by this poor baby were too severe and he has been euthanised. RIP lovely boy

The Ark have decided to waiver the fee for this little cat last night so no need for donations.. We raised $40 last night for the little guy and that will go towards another rescue in need.

Many thanks to those who donated and who expressed disgust at this crime.

cat shot with arrow nightcliff 2

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Lost/found – Dog – Animal Cruelty

crueltyIs anyone missing a staffy? This guy has some explaining to do and should definitely be charged with animal cruelty!

It would be so good for the owners to file a complaint with NT Police so he can be formally charged under animal welfare laws.
Who in their right mind thinks that strangling a dog to death is the answer for anything??? So selfish… poor dog RIP.
(I don’t believe vets would give the run around – there is always somebody on call)

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Moving House with your cat?

cat distressCats don’t like change. So Please Please if you are moving house with your cat ensure you keep him/her inside for at least 2 weeks. Some cats will cope better than others. If you are worried he will slip past you as you open the door (very common) then keep your cat in a spare room, can be the bathroom, laundry, spare bedroom, anywhere which is safe and quiet. Set up the dirt box and food/water bowls and let him settle in. Once he has established himself then try some supervised trips into the garden.

TELAF recommends that all cats should be kept in at night for their safety and that of other animals.

So many cats go missing when their owners move because they are let out too soon. Please read our page on moving house to get detailed info.

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facial recognition for dogs (free registration…. online or smartphone) – what a great idea being rolled out in Ipswich. I wonder if it works for cats.

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Going away at Christmas (or before)?

holidayMake preparations for your pet/s now

Due to the large numbers of people who go away during the Christmas/January break boarding catteries and kennels book up fast.  There are also a number of businesses who will come to your house and care for your animals/s in your own environment. This can be a very good alternative for those who have multiple animals or whose animals become very stressed in a different environment.

Please ensure you have made secure arrangements for care for your animal/s.

If you ask a friend to look after your animal please make sure they have an up to date picture of your pet/s so if they do get lost a search can be made straight away . Also make sure your pet/s is microchipped with up to date numbers

Give your friends clear instructions on what to do if the pet gets sick or lost.

If you ask a friend to care for your cat/s in their house please ask them to  keep the cats inside for 4 weeks or there is a likelihood the cat/s will try to get back to your house – cats are very bonded to territory. A lot of people don’t know this and we have many cats who go missing for this reason. The same applies if you are moving house. Please see section more info on moving with pets.

Lets make this Christmas season a happy one for you and your pets. 🙂


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Cat containment system

Oscillot copyInterested in saving heartache by keeping your cat safe in your yard? visit the Oscillot web site. they are offering a financial year special with savings up to 50%

Phone (08) 85724471 or visit Oscillot at

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Where are our missing pets?

TELAF has concerns that too many animals are missing without any trace, sightings or explanation.

For many years in the NT and probably in other juristictions, rumours have abounded that animals are  stolen for purposes such as dog fighting and other cruel exploits. Whilst activities such as these are illegal it relies on police and other protection agencies to manage the situation.

If we are aware that there are unsavoury people in our community who aim to hurt animals we can protect our own animals by ensuring they are kept behind locked gates or kept indoors especially at night.

It’s is a sobering thought that even for those who care little for animals there is a very strong link between cruelty to animals and cruelty to humans

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 Do NOT give your pets to this Man

 Keerthi Eswaran is suspected of murdering a number of animals after offering

them good homes.


Keerthi Eswaran taxidermist

We have strong suspicions that he kills the loving pets you try to rehome or at the least he loses them.

He has a Taxidermy business.

ericWithin the last month he approached a rescue group and adopted 3 cats, two on 16/4/14 (Charleigh and  Mittens) and one (Eric) 10 charleighApril.  On 29/4/14 he adopted a further 2 from a different rescuer (Freckles and Ginger Noodles) . He was very specific as to colour – ginger and tabby. All cats go out on a trial basis for 2 weeks.

 Initially Keerthi advised all cats were going very well and offered for the foster carers to visit the cats. On further communication he gave 2 addresses but the people who lived in the addresses knew nothing of the cats whereabouts nor did they have any knowledge of him ever having cats. In one of the houses there were a number of stuffed animals on display.

The NT News did an article on him on 1/12/13 where it states he has freezers full of road kill, crocodiles and domestic cats

Following that he has been extremely evasive in regards follow up and when he has been in communication he has given a number of different stories.

His story now (just 3 days after the rehoming on trial of the latest 2 cats) is that the cats were frightened off by a dog of a neighbour and he hasn’t seen them again – this is despite his promise that he would keep them safe inside for the requisite 2-4 weeks.

He poses as a really genuine caring person looking for a furry loving family member for him and his wife.

He promises to keep rescuers updated on the pets then he  avoids all communication once he realises the rescuers are serious about follow up.

At this point we have no knowledge of the whereabouts of the cats or even if they are still alive. We suspect they are dead or he would by now have handed them over.

We have no idea how many other animals have been adopted by this ‘loving man’ but there are comments as to roosters and parrots.

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Cats missing in Lyons/Muirhead area

If you own a cat or maybe a small dog and live in this area please keep a close eye on your pet, there is another spate of cats missing in the area. Has anybody seen any packs of roaming dogs? TELaF strongly recommends that cats be kept inside at night time especially

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Cats missing in

Woodroffe, Driver, Bellamack, Gray, Bakewell

TELAF receives a disproportionate number of reports of lost cats in  Woodroffe, Bellamack, Woodroffe, Gray, Bakewell. Not sure what is happening but if you live in these areas, or know somebody who does, please warn them their cat is at risk if they let them outside unsupervised.

thankyou – your TELAF Team

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Found – Dog Collar and Pet Memorial Plaque

FOUND – Expensive dog collar found in East Point area. Brand named. Description required Phone 8948 2737

ALSO FOUND –  Following the recent storms, sand has been eroded at Casuarina Beach causing some trees to fall onto the beach.

A memorial plaque attached to a branch has been removed and can be collected Ring 8948 2737. Wording as below:

Little Chloe – 01-03-1996 – 22-10-2012 – R.I.P. Sweetie


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TELAF – wishing everybody – 2 legged, 4 legged, feathered, furred and scaled a very happy and safe Christmas period

 dogs christmaschristmas cats

From Your TELAF team – Sue,  Sideon and Jac

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Warning. Small animals being poisoned in Coconut Grove.

Please let any neighbours or friends know if they have small animals. Waiting on further information

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Warning – small animal owners – aggressive roaming dogs

We have just had a report from a friend of TELAF who says “keep all small dogs and cats inside after dark in the Woolner/Bayview/Winnellie/Berrimah/Stuart Park/Dinah Beach areas due to roaming stray dogs” Our friend advised that one of the dog came into her yard yesterday despite her own dogs and killed a rescue kitten who she was fostering. Fortunately her own dogs saw them off but not early enough to save the kitten.

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Does your cat wear a collar?

Collars can be great for ID with cats but there are significant dangers:

There are large numbers of reported incidences where the front leg(s) gets caught under the collar causing the collar to cut under the front armpit into the bone. The cat is usually so stressed that he/she will go into hiding, causing huge stress and grief all round. Without intervention this may cause septicemia and eventually death.

If you do use a collar:

  • ensure it is a proper cat collar with an elastic insert (or completely elastic) and with a safety clip
  • check the elastic still has plenty of spring
  • check you can fit just 2 finger (no more) between neck and collar and keep checking with kittens as they grow larger
  • too tight and the cat will choke
  • too loose and the cat is in danger of getting his/her front leg caught in the collar thus causing extensive injury
  • cut the excessive of the collar off.

I once had to cut the excess bit of an elastic collar off the tongue of a cat where she had groomed herself and got the furry elastic excess caught on her tongue and couldn’t free herself. She ended up getting her tongue pinned down to her chest where the collar was. Fortunately we got her quickly so there was no long term damage, but it would have been extremely painful and stressful if she had been left for any length of time.

Telaf highly recommends microchips 🙂

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Warning pet owners

Top End Lost And Found shared Nine News Darwin‘s status.

NEIGHBOURHOOD WARNING: Laci wanted to put a warning out in the public domain for others to be on the lookout. ”
Our neighborhood in Muirhead (near Lyons) has been targeted in the last few days with a few houses being ‘tagged’ with purple tape. My own house was done last night, it’s just a small piece of purple masking tape and it was near our bedroom window. 2 or 3 nights ago a blue ute was seen scouting the area, it had no number plate and had a dog cage on the back. A neighbor tried to get a photo but the ute sped off, almost hitting a car on their way.

Our other neighbor had their Rottweiler attempted to be lifted over their fence in the middle of the night but her collar snapped. Just wanted to let people know it IS happening and to keep an eye out for this and keep an eye on your dogs!”

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Microchips companies demystified

Please go to council web site if you have an animal who is microchipped and for whom you need details

The following information is to assist in owners who have lost their pet:

  • Contact your local council to notify that your pet has gone missing, ensure that your contact details are up to date on the animal’s registration
  • Contact the RSPCA on (08) 8984 3795
  • Register your lost pet with Top End Lost and Found or the Top End Lost and Found Facebook Page
  • If your pet is microchipped, ensure that all of your contact details are up to date
  • Contact the local veterinary hospitals in your area as your pet may have been handed in

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Kitten season – supply exceeds demand

Kittens are usually born in the warmer months. In Darwin this is all year but this time of year is unfortunately the worst. Unfortunately homes can’t be found for all.

If you have an undesexed cat now is the time to desex (yes males too – it takes 2 to tango!). If you are financially strapped go to National Desexing network home page to find out how they will help with a discount –

To adopt a kitten or an adult cat visit PAWS, The Darwin Animal Rescue site or RSPCA. Please adopt a shelter animal rather than buying from a pet shop. Pet shops generally don’t desex their animals. Animals from rescue groups are vet checked, temperament tested and are up to date with their shots and best of all they are desexed and microchipped.

Here are just some of the cats/kittens available from the Darwin Animal Rescue site

Photo of TigerPhoto of LoisPhoto of BluebellPhoto of BobPhoto of BonniePhoto of Kia

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Some light relief

boy and dogA man wrote a letter to a small hotel in a Midwest town he planned to visit on his vacation.
He wrote: “I would very much like to bring my dog with me. He is well-groomed and very well behaved. Would you be willing to permit me to keep him in my room with me at night?”
An immediate reply came from the hotel owner, who wrote: SIR: “I’ve been operating this hotel for many years. In all that time, I’ve never had a dog steal towels, bedclothes, silverware, or pictures off the walls.
I’ve never had to evict a dog in the middle of the night for being drunk and disorderly. And I’ve never had a dog run out on a hotel bill. Yes, indeed, your dog is welcome at my hotel. And, if your dog will vouch for you, you’re welcome to stay here, too.”

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Welcome to our third member of the TELAF team – Sue

Sue started last week and has already contributed significantly to the updating of the TELAF site. Our team now comprises of Sideon, Jac and Sue.
For all those who send updates can you please give us enough information to find the original post easily. As there are 3 of us it is sometimes confusing with too little info. The best way is to copy the link location (find your post, right click on the title bar (Lost – Dog …..) and choose ‘copy link location’ then paste this into the body of your e mail). We can then update your post within a matter of a few seconds 🙂

Many thanks and have a wonderful and safe festive season – the TELAF team.

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Where do puppies come from??

puppy colstead

Do you know the origins of your puppy/dog? (if you have one).

Watch this short video clip to become informed

where do many of our puppies come from? 

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Care about Animals?

ABC 4 Corners This Monday night at 8:30PM, exposes an animal cruelty story.

Your lobbying power can make a difference.

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Warning possible baiting of dogs in the Karama area.

Please email the website if you have any information.

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Warning – Information has just come in

I just want to let everyone know that i received a phone call last night the 29/06/12 from two men enquiring about a dog that I’m trying to re-home. They asked a lot of questions about the dog’s health and size etc. They said that their friend was coming to visit them from Vietnam and that they wanted to have the dog as he likes to eat dog soup. These men sounded serious as they were saying that the $100 I’m asking was a bit much to pay as they just wanted to kill and eat him. I hung up on them very distressed. They used a private number to call me

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Warning to cat/dog owners in Lyons, Bellamack, Dwn River

(16/6/12 – there also seem to be a very large number of the Maltese type dogs missing. These are from different areas so it may just be that a lot of people have this type of dog – not sure what to make of this but if you or a friend has a maltese please take special care with his/her safety – Sideon)

There have been 5 cats/kittens who have gone missing in the last month alone in Lyons. If you read this and have a cat or a friend who has a cat who lives in Lyons please can you warn them to keep their/your cat inside.

We don’t know what is happening and we do hope that these cats will be reunited but this is a disproportionate number of cats missing in just one suburb. – Sideon

I saw your warning about Lyons, I just thought I’d add our dog was mauled to death by stray, possibly wild dogs in Bellamack, as Garfield is still missing I’m thinking a similar fate might have happened to him as much as the thought breaks my heart. Maybe you could warn Bellamack residents too as I’d hate for them to go through the month I’ve just had. I now sleep with my other dog and Archie to keep them safe and kept indoors. – Emma

This is partly in relation to our dog Pogo (, and partly in relation to your warning to cat owners in Bellamack.
On 2 June our 22 Month old Bull Arab, Dutchess, was mauled to death on our property on Darwin River Road, Darwin River. She was a 40kg dog and quite fast moving, so it would have had to have been a few dogs to firstly stop her, and secondly the damage done to her was done by more than a few dogs (in the opinion of all who saw her body). It happened between the hours of 5:30 and 8:30/9am on Saturday morning. I want to warn other dog owners in the area that there is a pack about, but also want them to think back to that morning and see if they think their dog was involved, and do what is needed to either contain it properly, or prevent them from doing this again.
Our neighbours 10mo puppy was involved, but he wouldn’t have been the instigator (our neighbour asked if we could put him down, because he didn’t want a dog involved in that to be on his property with his kids, if it had been the other way around we would have reluctantly done the same thing). The incident has been reported to the council. Unfortunately we think our Pogo met the same fate.

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My daughter and several other people witnessed an unprovoked dog attack 25/8/11 at 6.00am outside the Parap Shops apparently a couple were walking their black Labrador and a large tan dog attacked the Lab. my daughter thought it may have been a hunting dog as it had the dog firmly by the throat and would not let go.My daughter said the tan dog did not look like a stray and appeared to be well looked after. Apparently the attacking dog let go eventually after much yelling, screaming and having various things thrown at it, not sure how the Lab is a the  but the owners were very shaken up. I am sending you this info in the hope you can put a warning out for people in the area.
Thank You

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Add your voice to support public fireworks displays ONLY

sign the petition

On the first of July each year Northern Territorians celebrate marking the commencement of Self Government in the Territory. The day is celebrated in a number of ways, including the famous Territory Day fireworks (both public and private). Many Northern Territorians are fed up with the carnage resulting from irresponsible fireworks use and want to see a ban on public purchase and detonation of fireworks. Telaf supports controlled fireworks displays that are available for the safe enjoyment of the whole community and the banning of public sale and usage of fireworks.  Add your voice by signing our on line petition at:

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Cats missing in Fannie Bay

There appears to be a largish number of cats going missing from Fannie Bay. If you or a friend/neighbour has a cat and lives in Fannie Bay please take extra special care. Its sensible to keep cats in at night after they have been fed, although if you can keep them in at all times of course this is the safest. Many people will let their cat out just when they are around. Cats are creatures of routine and this can be utilized when giving them access to the great outdoors, ie an hour when you get home and before you feed them.

Check out the various cat containment methods – Oscillot is one which has a link on this site, but there are many varieties

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Did you know…..

…… that raisins, onions, chocolate, cocoa and macadamia nuts can be fatal to dogs if eaten  ….. and …… paper shredders can also be leghal. If you have a paper shredder best to turn off at wall and better to unplug completely unless in use.

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Good wishes from LuLu and LoLLy :-)

This is such a good service, we are 2 Maltese dogs, LoLLy was rescued from some bad circumstances, and we are so grateful to be with our pack. Please keep up the good work on this site and we are keeping our paws crossed for all the families to get back together. Love, Some PaLs from the States, LuLu and LoLLy.

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National Desexing Month – August 2008

NDN aka National Desexing Network proudly presents National Desexing Month.

Check the link

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Cat owners beware – cat used as crab bait – Palmerston area

Telaf now has it on very good authority that many cats are being stolen from the Palmerston area and used for crab bait. We urge all cat owners out there to please secure your cats so this horrible and cruel practice doesn’t happen to them and to keep your eyes open for any odd looking behaviour towards cats.

For all matters concerning cruelty to animals please contact the Animal Walfare dept
1300 720 386

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Report Cruelty Incidents

Cruelty to animals is not acceptable in our society and is illegal.

The NT Govt has an animal welfare unit. If you become aware of a cruelty incident please report to 1300 720386,,

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This is really disturbing. Telaf isnt normally a vehicle for bringing world animal cruelty issues to members of the public but this was sent recently and we found it so distressing that we felt it important to bring it to the attention of animal lovers to give you the opportunity to sign the petition. Organisations like this need to know what the world thinks of some of their practices.

Please be warned some of the images are extremely distrssing.

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Rescue centre for birds

I am able to provide a permanent home for birds that have been rescued or need a loving home. I have Feathered Friends Bird Haven. I take in unwanted birds and give them a good home. If you have a need for this please contact me anytime.

Contact: Cherry (08) 89881190 (preferred) or mob – 0414 959 635 although it doesn’t work inside my home or email at

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