Top End Lost and Found

Reuniting lost and found pets with their humans


**Please note: we will publish your e mail if you do not leave a phone number. Phone numbers are preferable**

Welcome to Top End Lost and Found (telaf) – founded in 2006. We are now 4 strong so your post will be attended to by one of us. Email us at  with details of your lost pet. We will post on our main site and the post will automatically be posted on our Facebook page. You can also post directly to our Facebook page yourself at  (posts to facebook do not automatically update to our wordpress page)

NB – If you do not want your phone number to be published please let us know. You can opt to use us as an in initial contact point. Unless otherwise informed we will publish what you write (cut and paste).

TELAF aims to reunite lost animals with their owners in the Top End of Australia, and to find forever homes for some homeless animals. Telaf is a free independent service. Telaf cannot guarantee the return of your animal but offers another avenue for searching.

To report a lost or found animal go to Report an animal and follow the prompts. To navigate around this site use the categories below. For instance if you have lost a cat tick on ‘found cats’ to see if anybody has found your lost cat. Also report your cat to us and we will create an entry with your cat’s details. Please go to the expand your search for more ideas. If you are looking for a specific entry please use the ‘search’ box (under Archives/Select a month) type your search criteria in the empty search box and click search. For instance you can look for ‘lost cat tabby’.

The RSPCA council pounds and vets are often the places where lost animals end up. Please keep checking the shelters. Only you know your animal, staff will not necessarily be able to identify your pet from others in the shelter.

This site is dedicated to Sideon – a special little ex feral kitten who became lost in the process of moving to his new home in 2006. It is thought that Sideon was up a tree for 5 days before Power and Water NT, with the help of RSPCA came to his assistance. Sideon would like to thank the person who responded to the letter box drop, Power and Water and RSPCA Darwin for his rather dramatic rescue.

Animals are kept on the site until you notify us that they are reunited.

If you would like to help us to advertise the telaf site please share with your friends via e mail.



  1. What an amazing website and also maintained very closely on a daily basis! I would like to know who does this and nominate them for a medal! Please let me know. We have not found our pet yet but I have been very relieved that this sight is constantly being updated and kind hearted people are reporting sightings and helping people in stressing times. Just the smallest information is a help and a comfort to know there are people out there who care, thank you.


    Comment by Carolyn | 18 August 2012 | Reply

    • Hi Carolyn, what a lovely comment to get up to on a Sunday morning, thank you very much for your lovely words. We do try to keep the site updated with losts and founds as we know how much companion animals mean to so many people, and we hate the thought of very scared animals wandering around not knowing how to get home and potentially getting injured/killed. We are very lucky in that some of our team are able to maintain the site during normal working hours. Thank you again for your very positive words and I do hope you get your pet back soon. I cant track who he/she is so not sure how long ago you posted but if you let me know I can bump it back to the top of the site. kind regards Sideon


      Comment by telaf | 19 August 2012 | Reply

      • Thanks telaf I am still spreading the word my son’s dog is Tess a mastiff lost in Virginia posted on the 19th August she was only 4 months old. My sister posted it in the first place (from Adelaide) as I am not computer savy. I would be so happy to help in fundraising if ever there was a need for it to keep this sight alive and ongoing! Please let me know!


        Comment by Carolyn | 23 August 2012

  2. What an amazing website and also maintained very closely on a daily basis! You really helped a lot of cats and their owner. Thank you for your hard work.


    Comment by thinktwicebeforeyouadopt | 30 October 2014 | Reply

    • thank you so much for your kind words, we try to keep it up to date to give the animals the best chance of getting home 🙂


      Comment by telaf | 30 October 2014 | Reply

  3. Hi, we have found ‘Jasper’. We were reunited through the power of your site. Thank you so much for providing this service. Absolutely amazing.


    Comment by Craig and Kath Dunlop | 2 January 2016 | Reply

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