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Lost – dog – Bull arab x catahoula – Palmerston

Black female dog, desexed and micrchipped ( bull arab x catahaula)
Palmeston city council said dog had been hit by a car but when the council went to retrieve the dog, it had been taken only the collar had been found on the corner of temple terrace and drive avenue.would like to know if our dog has actually been killed called the vets in palmeston they havent seen it.
Ive attached a photo of our dog.

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Found – Dogs – Giraween

black and white rural.jpgTwo medium/large dogs on Girraween Road between Coral Road turn off and Hutchinson Road turn off.  One brown dog and one black and white entire male (slightly bigger), brown dog would not come to me.  Trotted off towards Hutchinson Road turn off down the middle of the road (9:45am).  No ID on collar of black and white dog.


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Found – Dog – Marrakai

Entire male found in Marrakai a week ago ~5/2/18, friendly, has a green collar on

Has been advertised locally, but no response

Is going to the pound today

Please ring Nancy, 0447 172 651

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