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Reunited – Dog – Malak (Tallo)

paws lab.jpgJust an update, our dog was found last night which is a great relief! And yes, it was the tag that helped so I am so glad I didn’t put off getting one! She seems to have gone into heat straight after adopting her which we were certainly not prepared for!!!! I am going to ring the vet to find out next steps as she was roaming for 24 hours it is likely that she is now pregnant.

Hi there, we adopted this dog last Saturday from paws. We went out this evening and she escaped from our yard in Malak. She is medium size, tan, darwin special x maybe mastiff? Answers to Noni or Tallo and very hard to catch. Will run away if chased but comes for a pat if you sit quietly. She has a collar with name Tallo and number and she is microchipped to Paws because their computer system was not able to make change last week. Please contact me or Paws Darwin if you find her. Thankyou!


4 February 2018 - Posted by | reunited

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