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Never rehome an animal to this man

We are alerting all our readers to this man. Not only has he been caught for Australia’s biggest wildlife seizure but he also poses as an animal lover and takes on cats and dogs and goodness knows what other animals who are advertised as needing new homes.
A petition to appeal his paltry sentence is at bottom.

In a move that has outraged animal lovers and welfare advocates from the NT and around Australia, the so-called “Pussy Stuffer” taxidermist Keerthi Eswaran yesterday was sentenced in a Darwin court and he will not be jailed!

Instead, Eswaran handed a 10 month suspended sentence. Wildlife investigators describe the sentence as “disappointing” and are considering the possibility of an appeal. Judge Dick Wallace had previously said he doubted Eswaran’s story that the majority of the animals found were already dead. So how on earth did this animal murderer get off so lightly?

The reality is the criminal justice system of Australia is weak – time and time again animal offenders are let off with lenient sentences. Animal welfare advocates must act to have these laws changed and suitable punishments enforced for those who inflict cruelty on animals.


7 August 2017 - Posted by | Cats - Lost, Dogs - Lost, Information, Warnings


  1. murdering piece of shit bet it was an illegal immigrant and gets to stay here on our friggin welfare and murders and steals animals bastard should be locked away for good


    Comment by Monica Fryer | 11 May 2017 | Reply

    • dont know about whether he is an illegal but it is the biggest wildlife haul ever in Australia and the pathetic magistrate gives him 10 months suspended sentence. apparently his method was to starve animals to death to preserve their bones – frankly he should have been given the electric chair or hung or something as barbaric as he meted out on animals. he is beyond redemption


      Comment by telaf | 11 May 2017 | Reply

  2. Send Bastard back where he comes from. What the hell is wrong with this justice system???


    Comment by jude | 3 October 2017 | Reply

    • our sentiments exactly


      Comment by telaf | 4 October 2017 | Reply

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