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Sighted – Cat – Black – Palmerston CDU Campus

sighted young male black cat at the Palmerston Charles Darwin university campus near the lake. Big yellow eyes, No collar. Appeared undersexed but not sure. ran of on approach but I left him some water and cheese which he came back and ate/ drank (1/8/2017)


1 August 2017 - Posted by | Cats - Found, Cats - Lost, Sighted


  1. Hi can you please let me know if the cat is still at the campus DCU by any chance & if you can get a picture of the cat as i cant go at night & what time of the day is the cat around please thank you


    Comment by Elsie | 7 August 2017 | Reply

    • Hi Elsie, just copy pasting some information the sighter sent in to us

      The cat was around last Tuesday about 11am. I only work at the Palmerston campus once a week so I don’t know if he hangs around hear a lot or not. He was sniffing around the irrigation system so I gave him some water which he drank. He did not let me near him though. I will write back if I see him again.


      Comment by telaf | 8 August 2017 | Reply

      • Thank you so much any information you can give be very grateful 4 as my cat Rascals is missing be a year old this month & we miss him so i will take a look when we can been there but sight of cat yet but i will keep looking thanks again


        Comment by Elsie | 9 August 2017

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