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Reunited – Dog – Bellamack (Ren)

ren FB pommaranian type

 Ren has been returned home safely! I don’t want to get into details of what happened I kinda just want to forget about this whole stressful ordeal! I want to thank everyone who shared my post and showed support, you guys are absolute legends! I can’t thank you enough. He has had a bath, dinner and is wearing his favourite pullover ^_^

Ren has been missing since the 21st of April (last seen in bellamack) and I know now if someone does have him they probably aren’t going to give him back. All I ask if anyone does have him please treat him right and look after him, hes still a puppy and is unfortunate enough to have Epilepsy. He was on medication to control his seizures but I fear since he’s not on it he could die from brain damage. Just please PLEASE take him to the vet if his seizures dont stop, a life is more important than your personal attachment to my dog. He means more to me than just a dog, he’s my baby and I love him very much


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