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Found – Dog – Tan – Dick Ward Drive, Ludmilla

Update 27/4/2017: Dog was apparently brought in to All Pets Vet on 26/4/2017
Update 18 April: Last night we were out and the dog was securely locked in behind the gate – he was gone when we got home! We are hoping that his owners came looking for him, found him and took him. The gate is very high so it seems unlikely that he would have been able to jump it but unfortunately we are just not sure whether he escaped or was picked up. 
I found this lovely dog weaving in and out of the traffic on Dick Ward Drive Ludmilla on Sunday night.
He was nearly hit by cars. He is now safe and sound, happy and well fed overnight.
Looking for his owner before I take him to the pound.

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Lost – Cockatiel – Nakara (‘Hoppe’)

My Cockatiel has been lost. Her name is Hoppe. About 2-3 years old. 
Lost from Cahill Crescent in Nakara on Sunday 16 April 2017
She has yellow head and grey body with orange cheek. She is friendly but scared of people or animals she doesn’t know. She likes to sit on human shoulders. This is first time she flew outside.
Contact: Eriko 0431 997 731 or 0481 588 760

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